The 2016 Broadstreet Run was an overall awesome experience while being quite difference from past runs that I’ve done. This was my third time doing the event and by far the weather conditions were the worst I’ve dealt with since temperatures was in the low 40s with constant rain. I was soaked within minutes of arriving and utilized a poncho despite how uncool it looks.


I had felt pressure about making a good time, and after seeing how bad the weather was and having to wear a poncho, I simply focused on just having fun and was amazed that my shoes weren’t bothering me despite running in my water drenched barefoot shoes. After a couple miles I gave up trying to dodge  getting soaked further and took full relish in charging through the countless puddles/ potholes which decorate all 10 miles of the Broadstreet Run.

That all being said, I ended up making my best time ever  (1:20:43) which was the best news I’d heard all day. I never thought coming in 5037th place would make me proud but I stand corrected 🙂

run stats

As if it couldn’t get any better – I ended up surpassing my goal of raising $500 for the American Cancer Society by being able to donate a total of $614! I am so appreciative of those who have contributed since none of this could have happened without their support. Have faith – I am now working on all of your rewards and will be sending them out as soon as possible! 


charity raised