I had an awesome time at Wizard World Philly last weekend. I’m so appreciative of all of the people who stopped by to check out my work along with many fine folks who’ve checked out my stuff from past years. I did more sketches at this con than any other that I’ve done and I made it a point to take photos of shirts and cool outfits that I saw while at the con. I ended up working on stuff for people until they literally turned off the lights and even then, a lovely family waited patiently for my to finish up a pair of sketches for their children. They took the sketches home and made copies of them which their children colored in and sent them to me that night. John Still was just as busy and we both were able to come up with some great ideas for next year. I am especially grateful for all the love since Wizard World Philly was the first convention where I displayed my work – here’s to SPX next September and beyond!