I recently did my second illustration for Yell! Magazine regarding the current Twitter banter between Ariel Celeste and Chael Sonnon and am really looking forward to doing many more.

Hopefully I can convince them to have me make something for the upcoming Lesnar vs. Overeem bout for UFC 141. If anyone is gonna draw these monsters duking it out it might as well be me 🙂

The fine folks at Yell! Magazine also were kind enough to review some of my comics as well and NoFaceNorm’s write up is extremely well done and I can’t thank them enough. You can read the whole article here and I really enjoyed reading it – and not only just because it is all about me.

“As a freelance artist, Bryan G. Brown definitely has the boldness to do what he loves, and bring his passion to like-minded people. To me, that alone, makes him worth rooting for.”

See? I can’t pay someone to write up stuff that sounds this good!