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Asbury Con: Photos and Sketches


This last weekend was a great experience in Asbury Park and I had a great opportunity to make some new friends and interact with some great fans of comics as well. Sunday was especially busy for me and I was pretty much working away the entire weekend doing commissions which is always fun. The above photo is from a great article on the Asbury Con which you can read here.
Here’s a bunch of pics from the event and below I’ve posted some links to some of the other artists who were promoting their own stuff at the con.

To the left of my table was a super nice guy, artist and writer G.R. Lear who was exhibiting for the first time and premiering his comic Angel of the Swamp – check out his stuff at Unlimited Wonder Comics. In the photos you’ll also see the Dirty Diamonds booth which had a slew of new work to show off. Pat Dorian was also at Asbury Con showing his awesome stuff and will be at the Grande Comics Festival in Brooklyn NY. Box Brown was showing off his Andre the Giant graphic novel which I sadly did not get to check out but I am super psyched to pick up a copy of Whitman by Robert Sikoryak who also wrote Masterpiece Comics, published by Drawn & Quarterly.

The next signing I’ll be doing will be at Wade’s Comic Madness for Free Comic Book Day to help raise funds for one of it’s patrons, Mike Pacenski, who is going through a terrible situation, as his 6-month-old daughter Willa has been diagnosed with leukemia. I will be doing sketches that afternoon and all proceeds will go towards this worthy cause. More details to follow!

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Posted on April 15, 2014 at 10:00 PM



This weekend I’ll be exhibiting at the Asbury Park Comic Con which will be the third time I’ve been featured there. I’ll have copies of Monsters of MMA #3 as well (can’t wait) and will be doing commissions and signing stuff too. This was the convention that also inspired the true life events of The Blueberry Boy of Asbury Park comic that I wrote and collaborated on the art with Dre Grigoropol. Speaking of which, Dre will be there as well and has a brand new website check it out! I was also recently on the Synergy Podcast and had a great time with host John Still discussing mma, comics, Gwar, and tons of other stuff. It should be up tomorrow and I will post the link as soon as it’s available.


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Posted on April 9, 2014 at 10:17 PM

Interview with MMA OWL

While Monsters of MMA #3 is off at the printers, I am currently basking in the joy of catching up on commissions. I’ll be sure to post some soon, but in the meantime here’s an interview I just did for the wonderful people at MMA OWL.

The interview, Jesse Scheckner, is a fan of comics and MMA and is a phenomenal journalist to boot! Check out their website and give them some Twitter love as well @JesseScheckner @MMAOWL


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Posted on March 19, 2014 at 9:13 PM

Monsters of MMA Official Cover!

There may be some tweaking going on but here it is – any thoughts are fully welcomed @bryangbrown

Also, more good news: I’ve been accepted into the Small Press Expo for September in Bethesda, MA.
I’ll be posting appearances soon and am so excited to be almost done this monster sized comic – here’s to 2014 being epic!


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Posted on February 12, 2014 at 5:43 PM

Monsters of MMA #3 Updates!



Monsters of MMA #3 which has taken a little longer than expected. Keep in mind this is going to be a GIANT sized issue that has more than 34 pages of full color artwork inside it. I am currently working with my colorist on the rest of the pages and we’ve made strides in getting this done but I will need several more week before sending this off to the printers. I do apologize for the wait if anyone is foaming at the mouth for mutated mixed martial art, but rest assured, we are making great progress. 99% of the comic is all inked and I’m going through now making minor edits while other pages are being colored – I will post updates much more often and appreciate everyone’s support once more!


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Posted on January 12, 2014 at 9:52 AM


I need to make a point and sincerely thank:


Bobby “Bazoon” Evorik
Jean “The Queen” Gardner
Wade “Pimp Daddy” Shaw
Jenn “Voldemort Bane” Audrey
Kirk “Not A Jerk” Spencer
Adam “Killer” Holcroft
Robert “Hard As” Stone
Zon “Megaton” Petilla
Mucha “Craft Master” Smooches
Christine “The Mauler” Lawrence
Eric “The Imagemaker” Zippe
Jeffrey “Transformed Hero” Daniel
Elaine “Baby” Gerber
Dustin “Handsome” Hamilton
Jonathan “Never” Flounders
Barbara “Busta” Capps
John “Synergy” Still
Tony “The Sultan” Serge
Lindsay “Lady” McCormick
Kristen “Cream of the Crop” Lazard
Dustin “Dapper” Stage
Brian “Dashing” Dunlap
Michael “Zip” Czapczynski
Jill “Tenacious” Todd
Donna “Mama” Brown
Shawn “Fo Sho” Dubin
Gary “Gorgeous” Cohen
Gerry “Strawberry” Morgan
Matthew “Shindig” Schaefer
Terry “Los Santos” Drosdak
James “Happy” Hancock,

and any other people who have helped
with my Kickstarter campaign – you guys mean so much.

This Kickstarter Project was for the third issue of my series Monsters of MMA. This will be the biggest issue I’ve ever done and will be over 36 pages of artwork. The process of preparing for this Kickstarter was overwhelming at first, but there are many great tutorials online  that can serve as great resources. You can easily search for getting the word out more on your project. I learned so much from this experience and will be happy to help anyone else who has the guts to put their project out there whether it’s through crowd funding or other means. For anyone looking at Indiegogo or Kickstarter needs to know that a big part of their campaign is dependent upon the promotional video. It serves as the focal point of your pitch to anyone who’s discovering your project. I am very thankful to have a good friend of mine, Bob Evorik, who did the video editing of the promotional video. He is a master and an awesome person. Become his friend.

Kickstarter can serve as a great promotional tool for your work and opens you up to a whole new audience. Interestingly, I heard from several people who found out about my project but wanted to contribute outside of Kickstarter. I discovered some people prefer giving a pledge directly to the artist as opposed to donating 10% of their funds to some company. When you are determining your goal for a project keep in mind that 10% of the proceeds raised will go to Kickstarter and Amazon. A great article I found that gives some great tips can be found HERE.

Here’s the final results which had me ending up getting 113.5% of my goal which I am very grateful for. Right now I’m working away at a furious pace on this story and am aiming to have it done in December so that I can send it to the printers. I’ll be sure to post updates and will keep you posted. This was the original cover for the third issue but I will be recreating it so that it gels better with the artwork I’m currently creating.



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Posted on November 20, 2013 at 10:28 PM

Bring on the COMIC MADNESS!


I’ve been doing a slew of promotion for this Kickstarter and will be doing a signing in Levitown, PA at my favorite comic shop Wade’s Comic Madness. I’ve been going there since I was a teenager and Wade Shaw is a gentleman as well as a scholar. I’ll be there Sunday doing Monsterized portraits of attendees and it’s guaranteed that good times will be had by all. Also, the promo videos they’ve been doing for Wade’s have been phenominal – check em out!

The Kickstarter is chugging along well too – currently at 78% and only 8 days to go – I am extremely thankful for all of the awesome people who have pledged and shown support once again.

Also, the other week I made an appearance on the Potent Brew podcast (which is always an interesting experience) as well as John Still’s Synergy PodcastThese are some great guys and it was extremely nice of them to allow me to come on their shows and promote my stuff.


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Posted on October 22, 2013 at 8:27 PM


Things are heating up and the pressure is on with the Kickstarter – 61% funded and only 11 days to go! I’m so thankful for the awesome 21 backers who have stepped up to the plate and showed me some major love and support. I’ve just added a new prize to the list of rewards for a custom t shirt design at an unbelievable price – we’ll see who’s smart enough to pick that one up :)


Here’s some statistics so far from how things are going. I am intent on breaking this goal of mine before the end of Halloween and am extremely appreciative once again to the beautiful, awesome people out there who saw this project and contributed whether they know me or just liked the concept and artwork – I will not let you down!

statistics of Kickstarter

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Monsters of MMA…again


As you can see from the above banner that in only 6 days the Monsters of MMA Kickstarter will begin! Since this is my first Kickstarter, I am trying to make some great deals available here. Many people have already reached out and offered help and I truly appreciate it (and will take whatever help I can get)! I’ll be doing several appearances on a couple different shows and podcasts so I’ll be sure to give updates. Until then, you can see some of the recent stuff I’ve done along with some of the prizes being offered.

It’s been a while since I’ve done much political work but was commissioned to do a piece regarding the conflict going on in Syria. The piece is more so meant to poke fun than suggest that Obama and Putin have an MMA battle to the death. Politics aside, I think it’s cool that arm bars are being incorporated into political satire :)
Also included are some other political pieces that I’ve done in the past. Enjoy!

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Posted on September 25, 2013 at 2:27 PM